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Welcome to Aloe for Skin

Aloeforskin.com is an exclusive distributor for Cutis Vita aloe vera skincare.

Cutis Vita is truly a FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

It is ALL ABOUT high quality, highly concentrated ALOE VERA juice and gel, which has proven results over hundreds of years in preserving youth, health and vitality - healing and protecting the skin.

Cutis Vita has developed an Advanced Skin Revitalizing Cream. This is not merely a lotion or moisturizer. It is a healing cream made from the most potent variety of Aloe Vera and contains the highest quality herbal ingredients. Cutis Vita has combined multiple agents that have been used for centuries to help resolve the long list of skin conditions that plague us today.

Cutis Vita’s unique skin care formula has been reported to hydrate and nourish the skin, tighten pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars.

Did you know that there are over 500 different species and 20,000 varieties of Aloe Vera that grow throughout the world? It’s true. Cutis Vita uses the species called Barbadensis Miller. This species has been found by research to contain the highest concentration of aloe's natural healing agents. Cutis Vita contains approximately 65% pure Barbadensis Miller Aloe leaf juice, in complimentary combination with natural herbal extracts and vitamins.

Cutis Vita has been found to help with the following conditions:
allergic rash
athlete’s foot
canker sores
chapped lips
chapped skin
chemical burns
chemical peel cold sores
cradle cap
diaper rash
fever blisters
fungal infection
insect bites
itching skin
poison ivy
radiation burns
ring worm
sore muscles
stretch marks
varicose veins
very dry skin
wind burn



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